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About Us

About Us

A premier commercial law firm, Piper Alderman has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We work with clients across Australia and internationally to achieve optimum legal and commercial solutions.

Our legal expertise has been built on nearly two centuries of industry experience. Piper Alderman has been a leading advisor to Australian commercial interests for more than 170 years and we continue to advance in knowledge, skills and commitment. We listen to our clients, respond to their needs and guide them through increasingly complex regulatory and business landscapes.

As a united, national partnership we are able to work in teams and collaborate in a manner that enables us to harness our skills and network effectively for our clients. We understand the importance of building enduring client relationships and are absolutely committed to advancing our clients’ interests and helping them achieve their business goals.

Piper Alderman has a proud history of being at the forefront of many emerging areas of law, from landmark rulings to new legislation. Our lawyers understand and contribute to Australia’s legal framework in ways that give our clients a special edge. Link to website.

Greg Whyte

Greg Whyte

Greg leads the Dispute Resolution and Litigation team in Brisbane. Greg specialises in managing complex litigation and disputes, with an emphasis on corporate disputes, class actions, professional negligence and insurance. Greg is very experienced in the structuring and conduct of externally funded litigation.

As one of the world’s first litigation funders, LCM* has assisted hundreds of companies and individuals. We have helped our clients achieve significant recoveries from claims that, without LCM, would not have been pursued due to the associated costs and risks.

LCM are specialists in providing litigation finance to enable the pursuit and successful recovery of funds from legal claims. We understand that large scale litigation is costly and can carry considerable risk. That is why we are here to help.

* LCM is an Australian based litigation funder and a subsidiary of the public company, Litigation Capital Management Limited